Teacher's Training - Portugal

September 22-28, 2020

Come learn how to work with parents & children

  • Method development
  • Objectives & pedagogy
  • Dynamics of a ContaKids class
  • Facing parents & children
  • Case studies

  • Movement classes (floor work, contact improvisation)
  • Learning/practicing ContaKids exercises (safety emphasis)
  • Observing ContaKids classes
  • Apprentice teaching and simulations
  • Presence and group activation workshop
  • Starting point – reaching out with a ContaKids course (marketing etc.)


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As children, we first make sense of the world physically. As we grow into adulthood, we lose much of our dependence on touch to observe and learn, as our other senses (like vision & hearing) become the dominant channels to our intellect and imagination.

ContaKids is a methodology that pushes the idea of using physical contact to develop a deeper form of communication between parents and their children, that both will find enjoyable.

By working with bodily movements, the children can enhance their motor skills and self-confidence, while the parents get to develop a bond of trust with their young.

ContaKids aims to foster confidence in our actions, by reinstating the physical abilities that we were born with.

This energy flows directly, in an unmediated form, to our little partners in the dance.

As we tend to lack it as adults, the hard work is ours to bear now 😉

Formal Certification - ContaKids Teacher

Social Network (250 ContaKids teachers in 35 countries worldwide)

Private link to instructive videos of ContaKids exercises

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Itay Yatuv - Founder

Artistic director of “Hakvutza” Dance School, Itay Yatuv, has been practicing and teaching Contact Improvisation worldwide for over 15 years.

Trained as a contemporary dancer in New York, Italy and Israel, Itay has been choreographing independently for the last 10 years, and leading international projects of improvisational performances.

He has also been training in Aikido for the past 10 years, a practice he integrates into his CI research.

In the last few years Itay has been conducting CI workshops for children & their parents, and developing the ContaKids method.

See you in Algarve, Portugal, June 12-18 2020